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Osti - The Leader

January 27 2017 – David Elders

Osti - The Leader
Osti - The Leader

Leaders aren't made, they're born. They just 'are'. They exude a certain something; people follow them instinctively, boys wanna be them and girls wanna be with them. Top boys one and all. The cream rises to the top.

Within the sphere of this thing of ours, it would be impossible - churlish even - not to tip the hat to one such notable who created so much of the adornments that made those of who wanted to stand out, do so with such seemingly effortless style.

Massimo Osti laid the foundations for a creative philosophy entirely based on experimentation and innovation. Always leading from the front with completely new and untried techniques in garment dying, materials and finishing techniques and the marrying of technology with historical influences led to a legacy that will likely never see the likes again.

The Brands of Massimo Osti

The legacy of Massimo Osti is all around us. His pioneering work in founding the likes of Stone Island and C.P Company set the tone for many of today's most revered brands. Though he passed away almost eleven years ago, his work lives on in the brands he brought to life and the fashion industry as a whole. Here at Original Casuals, we've tipped the hat in respect a few times to some of the iconic pieces Osti brought to the party.

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To show their appreciation of his work, Jacket Required has teamed up with the Massimo Osti Archive and Proper Magazine to pay homage to the man. Proper Magazine has curated a collection of key pieces that best illustrate Massimo's unique story. In a separate exhibition space with its own dedicated entrance from Brick Lane, the selection will be on show to both buyers and the public.

The Massimo Osti Archive

So if you're in East London 26th/27th Jan, you’ll be able to come and gaze at some very special items that’ve been picked out from the legendary Massimo Osti Archive. Expect to see some goggle jackets, a bit of ice camo, the odd cape or two, some vests, a Levi’s jacket with wires in it and a few other interesting bits and bobs from Bologna. It’s open to the public on both days (Thurs 10.00 til 20.00/Fri 10.00 til 17.00) and totally free to get in.

The Massimo Osti Archive
The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QR