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Be Original!

January 30 2017 – David Elders

Be Original!
Be Original!



1] Present or existing from the beginning; first or earliest.

2] Created personally by a particular artist, writer, musician, etc.; not a copy.

3] Not dependent on other people's ideas; inventive or novel.

A big and no less bold concept to base and build a brand on. Unsurprising nevertheless given our passion for our product comes from growing up in a time when travelling hundreds of miles to get a limited piece was the done thing. All to look good and individual on the terraces, streets and clubs on any given Saturday. Which brings us to...



[British] A youth belonging to a subculture characterized by the wearing of expensive casual clothing and frequently associated with football hooliganism.

ZX Camo

Notwithstanding the mass media having kittens and trying to portray anything related to 'this thing of ours' as 'glorifying violence', it would be ridiculous to avoid the historical context. But, and its an important but, that side was never solely what the scene encompassed. In much the same way as historical paintings are snapshots of life in that particular era, clothes, music, haircuts, even language were all aspects that were just as important in the overall scheme during the period from the early 80's onward, in exactly the same way as the preceding youth cultures of rockers, mods & punk before.

Headbag Holidays

Our brand is not some lazy [and ironic] version of those choice pieces we all coveted back in the day as if it were one of those cheesy retro 80's weekenders kicking about, but instead we pay homage to the era, those iconic images, the historical resonance of what we were, where we went and what we wore [and yeah, what we did too]. With each of our designs produced to a strictly limited quantity, never to be repeated again, the individuality of old is assured, knowing that we are not selling mass volumes of repetitive prints. We partner with some of the best and most innovative artists around to bring a fresh new take on iconic imagery, rather than rehashing the same tired old scenes as seems to be the norm from others out there.


Moreover we have invested a lot of time sourcing the correct materials to reflect this luxury lads brand. Not simply purchasing an off the shelf ‘work wear’ brand and simply sticking a new label on it. We instead have had handmade luxury cotton weaved using the latest technology and dying processes to create a timeless classic garment which is incredibly desirable. Something sorely needed in a time of repetitive, bland mass produced clothing.

Riot Helmet

Although the earliest use of the word Original was from Middle English [within the phrase "original sin", apt - but we'll get to that another day] perhaps the best summing up is within the examples given for the use of Original as a Noun...

"he was one of the true originals"

Are you?

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