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Nike Omega-Flames

October 12 2016 – glenn nixon

Nike Omega-Flames
Nike Omega-Flames

In this cultural 'thing of ours', one thing that's always been just as important as how something looked was who was the first 'across the line' so to speak. The first to be seen sporting a new label, the first to break ranks from the rank and file, the first to 'take a gamble' on a new look. Whose flame burnt brightest...

As part of our 'Rebel Rebel' range we've thrown the spotlight on a truly iconic piece of terrace footwear - the Nike Omega Flame. Although today's 'Under 5s' might think that Nike's Tuned Air line or Metro colourways were the pioneer of the colour fade/gradient upper, the truth is that everything of that ilk since took its lead from the Omega Flame.

original casuals nike omega flames

We might have had colour TV by then but most of the country itself seemed black and white back then. Launched in 1983 to an era of record high unemployment, the IRA bombing Harrods, the initial broadcasts of breakfast TV, compact discs landing on shelves at Woolworths for the first time and the Brinks-Mat job at Heathrow, the Omega Flame quickly brought a dash of sunshine-induced flavour to the nation's terraces and surrounding terraced streets. 

Even in those halcyon days, these were somewhat of a 'holy grail' in terrace footwear terms. It wasn't so much that few of us could afford them [there were always ways and means around that] - it was finding somewhere that stocked these in the first place! Limited numbers on any worthwhile kit was the norm in that era, as was the inherent risk of the necessary awaydays to those choice few outlets who managed to secure a few of such desired pieces. Heading there with a Rumbelows bag tucked in your pocket to secure your new purchases safely within was a common occurrence, as was the need to have it on your toes occasionally to make sure you made it home with them.

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In the modern era, the few remaining originals of these shoes command absolute top dollar on the auction sites and still retain an iconic quality matched by very few of their contemporaries.

original casuals nike omega flames t-shirt

'This Is Your Last Chance To Run' proclaims the classic term emblazoned on our Original Casuals 'Omega-Flames' Airy Blue contemporary tailored t-shirt featuring the iconic 80's terrace wear 'Nike Omega Flames' trainers.