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And God Created Woman

September 28 2016 – glenn nixon

And God Created Woman
And God Created Woman

A core part of the Original Casuals ethos has always been our striving to be that little bit different, to go that little bit against the grain, that one step further; to rebel...


As the introduction to our new sex symbol range we've chosen to highlight one of the most rebellious stars of all time - Brigitte Bardot. Ballerina, Actress, Singer, Fashion Model and Animal Rights Activist; the world's most iconic sex symbol. From appearing in French 'Elle' aged only 15 to her heavily-censored breakthrough in 1957's 'And God Created Woman' right through to the present day, controversy has followed the 'sex kitten' around.


Bardot had more than 100 lovers - including women - and four husbands, but fame led to despair as she tried to end her life four times and abandoned the only child she ever had. Born into a wealthy Parisian family, Bardot was only 16 when she met director Roger Vadim who became her lover. When her parents forbade them to marry, she turned the oven on and buried her head inside. Ultimately, BB got her way...


This headstrong nature became a theme of Bardot's life; this is a girl who while at the peak of her fame in 1973 abandoned the entertainment industry and retired. Who went from being the official face which represented the liberty of France to one who refused to receive the Legion of Honour awarded to her in 1985. She has since clashed with politicians and governments around the world over animal rights issues and been fined numerous times by the French state over her views on immigration. Its fair to say that she had no trouble fulfilling the 1959 description of her as a "locomotive of women's history".

'In the game of love, she is as much a hunter as she is prey' - Simone de Beauvior is quoted as saying and one look at Brigitte in an iconic pose is enough to confirm this. Our OC navy contemporary tailored t-shirt is - as ever - effortlessly stylish, hand crafted and in strictly limited numbers to ensure that you - like BB - stand out properly from the crowd.

Original Casuals 'Brigitte Bardot' navy contemporary tailored t-shirt. This design is also the start off our new sex symbol range, which we begin with the  French actress, singer and fashion model 'Brigitte Bardot'.