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March 07 2019 – glenn nixon


#Disorder - Verb 'disrupt the systematic functioning or neat arrangement of'

#disorder - original casuals

'Playing For The Shirt' is an oft-used phrase in the footballing community but one often misunderstood and misinterpreted.

 In our case here at Original Casuals, our take on it is that we've always been striving to do something a little bit different to everyone else out there. Using designs that were a little more original than just the same old tired stuff around that everyone and their dog regurgitates ad infinitum. To collaborate with designers and artists from different fields. To use materials and printing processes that ensured the highest of quality - not just on the day you first adorn yourself with it but all the way down the line. Our kit was never the same cheap old tat the market was already flooded with before our arrival. It was - and is - more. We really do 'play for the shirt'.

#disorder - original casuals

That kind of attention to detail means we were never bothered about chasing the lowest possible price to compete with every jonny-come-lately who does things the cheapest way and just box-shifts. In the same way, we were never one of those companies who were looking to screw the maximum possible amount from every sale, because our ethos has been from day 1 that we've always felt there was a niche for more quality, more art and more originality to reflect this thing of ours at an affordable price that's fair to all.

 We've deliberately kept ourselves a little under the radar of late in order that we could fully focus on our next steps. Always keeping on top of any developments with materials, production processes, printing methods along with keeping our design side fresh and always being on the lookout for where we might take things next. We're now working with a new manufacturer, we have improved supply chain logistics and we are now using a more environmentally friendly product. We're reducing our plastic bag usage and once we have finished with our existing mailing bags we will be switching to paper!

We've kept ourselves busy behind the scenes and as a result of all this we have a new range on its way shortly!

 All will be revealed in the fullness of time so keep your eyes peeled for all our social media channels for updates!

PS - very important - we have a new sizing guide so please do check before ordering!

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