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Are You An Original Casual?

January 25 2021 – glenn nixon

Are You An Original Casual?
Are You An Original Casual?

This season our new range is simply going to be called ‘Original Casual’.

are you and Original Casual?

Why? The reason is the themes are going to be more focused on nostalgic memories, like the music, films, raves, European away days which shaped our casual subculture. In addition, we will be using models who we feel, cause off their originality have influenced us, the scene and continue to provoke inspiration. These collaborations we hope will both inspire you and trigger your own memories. We will also be continuing with our casual cartoon characters and will be using some of the daily suggestions we receive.

original casual 'Gaz'

Moreover, we plan to grow the brand by introduction our new core range of timeless classic attire which in some style will be a constant on this site. These designs have taken inspiration from original casual brands colouring, materials, and tailoring. Our long awaited ‘Membership’ to our OC social club with be available soon, giving members discount, exclusives, and freebies for joining, with hopefully in the future having pop up events.

OC social club

As always, our ‘Original Casuals - distinguished terrace attire’ are made from organic luxury cotton weaved using the latest technology and dying  and printing processes, to create a timeless classic garment. Ensuring the originality of design is matched by you standing out from the crowd when wearing it.

Are you An Original Casual?

Are You An Original Casual?