Heroes & Villains

'Heroes & Villains' is Original Casuals new collection of T-shirts which remembers the past whilst looking to the future. 

This juxtaposition between Heroes & Villains is where Original Casuals drew the inspiration for our latest collection from. The comparisons and contrast between those we label Heroes and those we label Villains have many parallels in this thing of ours and its relation to wider society as a whole.

We've created a series of iconic imagery for our Heroes & Villains collection that reflects some of these paradoxical pairings, kicking off [ironically] with our takes on Pele & Maradona.

Our Heroes & Villain collection covers icons from the world of sport, music, film and the murkier side of life. Something for everyone then!

As always, our Original Casuals iconic t-shirts are made from handmade luxury cotton weaved using the latest technology and dying processes to create a timeless classic garment. Made to strictly limited numbers to ensure the originality of design is matched by you standing out from the crowd when wearing it.

Which we reckon makes you a Hero rather than a Villain...